On the solution of large-scale SDP problems by the modified barrier method using iterative solvers

When solving large-scale semidefinite programming problems by second-order methods, the storage and factorization of the Newton matrix are the limiting factors. For a particular algorithm based on the modified barrier method, we propose to use iterative solvers instead of the routinely used direct factorization techniques. The preconditioned conjugate gradient method proves to be a viable … Read more

A New Conjugate Gradient Algorithm Incorporating Adaptive Ellipsoid Preconditioning

The conjugate gradient (CG) algorithm is well-known to have excellent theoretical properties for solving linear systems of equations $Ax = b$ where the $n\times n$ matrix $A$ is symmetric positive definite. However, for extremely ill-conditioned matrices the CG algorithm performs poorly in practice. In this paper, we discuss an adaptive preconditioning procedure which improves the … Read more

A shifted Steihaug-Toint method for computing a trust-region step.

Trust-region methods are very convenient in connection with the Newton method for unconstrained optimization. The More-Sorensen direct method and the Steihaug-Toint iterative method are most commonly used for solving trust-region subproblems. We propose a method which combines both of these approaches. Using the small-size Lanczos matrix, we apply the More-Sorensen method to a small-size trust-region … Read more

A study of preconditioners for network interior point methods

We study and compare preconditioners available for network interior point methods. We derive upper bounds for the condition number of the preconditioned matrices used in the solution of systems of linear equations defining the algorithm search directions. The preconditioners are tested using PDNET, a state-of-the-art interior point code for the minimum cost network flow problem. … Read more

Lagrangian dual interior-point methods for semidefinite programs

This paper proposes a new predictor-corrector interior-point method for a class of semidefinite programs, which numerically traces the central trajectory in a space of Lagrange multipliers. The distinguished features of the method are full use of the BFGS quasi-Newton method in the corrector procedure and an application of the conjugate gradient method with an effective … Read more