Asymptotic Behavior of Continuous Trajectories for Primal-Dual Potential-Reduction Methods

This article considers continuous trajectories of the vector fields induced by primal-dual potential-reduction algorithms for solving linear programming problems. It is known that these trajectories converge to the analytic center of the primal-dual optimal face. We establish that this convergence may be tangential to the central path, tangential to the optimal face, or in between, … Read more

A methodology for the analysis of parallel GRASP strategies

In this paper, we describe a methodology for the analysis of greedy randomized adaptive search procedures (GRASP). GRASP is a metaheuristic for combinatorial optimization. It usually consists of a construction procedure based on a greedy randomized algorithm and a local search. Hybrid approaches of GRASP with path-relinking developed for the 3-index assignment problem (AP3) and … Read more

GRASP and path-relinking: Recent advances and applications

This paper addresses recent advances and application of hybridizations of greedy randomized adaptive search procedures (GRASP) and path-relinking. We present a template for implementing path-relinking as an intensification procedure for GRASP. Enhancements to the procedure, recently described in the literature, are reviewed. The effectiveness of the procedure is illustrated experimentally. Citation AT&T Labs Research Technical … Read more

Maximising Revenue in the Airline Industry Under One-Way Pricing

This paper describes a methodology that has been implemented in a major British airline to find the optimal price to charge for airline tickets under one-way pricing. An analytical model has been developed to describe the buying behaviour of customers for flights over the selling period. Using this model and a standard analytical method for … Read more

A hybrid algorithm for nonlinear equality constrained optimization problems: global and local convergence theory

In this paper we combine both trust-region and linesearch globalization strategies in a globally convergent hybrid algorithm to solve a continuously differentiable nonlinear equality constrained minimization problem. First, the trust-region approach is used to determine a descent direction of the augmented Lagrangian chosen as the merit function, and second, linesearch techniques are used to obtain … Read more