A Branch and Cut Algorithm for Hub Location Problems with Single Assignment

The hub location problem with single assignment is the problem of locating hubs and assigning the terminal nodes to hubs in order to minimize the cost of hub installation and the cost of routing the traffic in the network. There may also be capacity restrictions on the amount of traffic that can transit by hubs. … Read more

Duality and a Farkas lemma for integer programs

We consider the integer program $\max \{c’ x\,|\,Ax=b,x\in N^n\}$. A formal parallel between linear programming and continuous integration on one side, and discrete summation on the other side, shows that a natural duality for integer programs can be derived from the $Z$-transform and Brion and Vergne’s counting formula. Along the same lines, we also provide … Read more

The integer hull of a convex rational polytope

Given $A\in Z^{m\times n}$ and $b\in Z^m$, we consider the integer program $\max \{c’x\vert Ax=b;x\in N^n\}$ and provide an equivalent and explicit linear program $\max \{\widehat{c}’q\vert M q=r;q\geq 0\}$, where $M,r,\widehat{c}$ are easily obtained from $A,b,c$ with no calculation. We also provide an explicit algebraic characterization of the integer hull of the convex polytope $P=\{x\in\R^n\vert … Read more

On the Convergence of Successive Linear Programming Algorithms

We analyze the global convergence properties of a class of penalty methods for nonlinear programming. These methods include successive linear programming approaches, and more specifically the SLP-EQP approach presented in \cite{ByrdGoulNoceWalt02}. Every iteration requires the solution of two trust region subproblems involving linear and quadratic models, respectively. The interaction between the trust regions of these … Read more

An interior point cutting plane method for convex feasibility problem with second-order cone inequalities

Convex feasibility problem in general, is a problem of finding a point in a convex set contains a full dimensional ball and is contained in a compact convex set. We assume that the outer set is described by second-order cone inequalities and propose an analytic center cutting plane technique to solve this problem. We discuss … Read more

The Lax conjecture is true

In 1958 Lax conjectured that hyperbolic polynomials in three variables are determinants of linear combinations of three symmetric matrices. This conjecture is equivalent to a recent observation of Helton and Vinnikov. Citation Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, Canada Article Download View The Lax conjecture is true

Global Optimization of Homogeneous Polynomials on the Simplex and on the Sphere

We obtain rigorous estimates for linear and semidefinite relaxations of global optimization problems on the simplex and on the sphere Citation Research report, February, 2003 Article Download View Global Optimization of Homogeneous Polynomials on the Simplex and on the Sphere

The mathematics of eigenvalue optimization

Optimization problems involving the eigenvalues of symmetric and nonsymmetric matrices present a fascinating mathematical challenge. Such problems arise often in theory and practice, particularly in engineering design, and are amenable to a rich blend of classical mathematical techniques and contemporary optimization theory. This essay presents a personal choice of some central mathematical ideas, outlined for … Read more

Quasi-Newton methods for large-scale distributed parameter estimation

We develop Quasi-Newton methods for distributed parameter estimation problems, where the forward problem is governed by a set of partial differential equations. A Tikhonov style regularization approach yields an optimization problem with a special structure, where the gradients are calculated using the adjoint method. In many cases standard Quasi-Newton methods (such as L-BFGS) are not … Read more

A randomized global optimization method for protein-protein docking

In this paper we report results on the problem of docking two large proteins by means of a two-phase monotonic basin hopping method. Given an appropriate force field which is used to measure the interaction energy between two biomolecules which are considered as rigid bodies, we used a randomized global optimization methods based upon the … Read more