A Semismooth Newton-Type Method for the Nearest Doubly Stochastic Matrix Problem

We study a semismooth Newton-type method for the nearest doubly stochastic matrix problem where both differentiability and nonsingularity of the Jacobian can fail. The optimality conditions for this problem are formulated as a system of strongly semismooth functions. We show that the so-called local error bound condition does not hold for this system. Thus the … Read more

Relaxing kink qualifications and proving convergence rates in piecewise smooth optimization

Abstract. In the paper [9] we derived first order (KKT) and second order (SSC) optimality conditions for functions defined by evaluation programs involving smooth elementals and absolute values. In that analysis, a key assumption on the local piecewise linearization was the Linear Independence Kink Qualification (LIKQ), a generalization of the Linear Independence Constraint Qualification (LICQ) … Read more

Strong local convergence properties of adaptive regularized methods for nonlinear least-squares

This paper studies adaptive regularized methods for nonlinear least-squares problems where the model of the objective function used at each iteration is either the Euclidean residual regularized by a quadratic term or the Gauss-Newton model regularized by a cubic term. For suitable choices of the regularization parameter the role of the regularization term is to … Read more

A Family of Newton Methods for Nonsmooth Constrained Systems with Nonisolated Solutions

We propose a new family of Newton-type methods for the solution of constrained systems of equations. Under suitable conditions, that do not include differentiability or local uniqueness of solutions, local, quadratic convergence to a solution of the system of equations can be established. We show that as particular instances of the method we obtain inexact … Read more

An LP-Newton Method: Nonsmooth Equations, KKT Systems, and Nonisolated Solutions

We define a new Newton-type method for the solution of constrained systems of equations and analyze in detail its properties. Under suitable conditions, that do not include differentiability or local uniqueness of solutions, the method converges locally quadratically to a solution of the system of equations, thus filling an important gap in the existing theory. … Read more

Calibrating Least Squares Covariance Matrix Problems with Equality and Inequality Constraints

In many applications in statistics, finance, and insurance/reinsurance, one seeks a solution of finding a covariance matrix satisfying a large number of given linear equality and inequality constraints in a way that it deviates the least from a given symmetric matrix. The difficulty in finding an efficient method for solving this problem is due to … Read more

Constraint Nondegeneracy, Strong Regularity and Nonsingularity in Semidefinite Programming

It is known that the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KKT) conditions of semidefinite programming can be reformulated as a nonsmooth system via the metric projector over the cone of symmetric and positive semidefinite matrices. We show in this paper that the primal and dual constraint nondegeneracies, the strong regularity, the nonsingularity of the B-subdifferential of this nonsmooth system, … Read more

A Dual Optimization Approach to Inverse Quadratic Eigenvalue Problems with Partial Eigenstructure

The inverse quadratic eigenvalue problem (IQEP) arises in the field of structural dynamics. It aims to find three symmetric matrices, known as the mass, the damping and the stiffness matrices, respectively such that they are closest to the given analytical matrices and satisfy the measured data. The difficulty of this problem lies in the fact … Read more

Adaptive Large Neighborhood Self-Regular Predictor-Corrector IPMs for LO

It is known that predictor-corrector methods in a large neighborhood of the central path are among the most efficient interior point methods (IPMs) for linear optimization (LO) problems. The best iteration bound based on the classical logarithmic barrier function is $O\left(n\log{\frac{n}{\epsilon}}\right)$. In this paper we propose a family of self-regular proximity based predictor-corrector (SR-PC) IPM … Read more

A hybrid algorithm for nonlinear equality constrained optimization problems: global and local convergence theory

In this paper we combine both trust-region and linesearch globalization strategies in a globally convergent hybrid algorithm to solve a continuously differentiable nonlinear equality constrained minimization problem. First, the trust-region approach is used to determine a descent direction of the augmented Lagrangian chosen as the merit function, and second, linesearch techniques are used to obtain … Read more