Nash Equilibrium in a Pay-as-bid Electricity Market: Part 2 – Best Response of a Producer

We consider a multi-leader-common-follower model of a pay-as-bid electricity market in which the producers provide the regulator with either linear or quadratic bids. We prove that for a given producer only linear bids can maximise his profit. Such linear bids are referred as the “best response” of the given producer. They are obtained assuming the … Read more

Nash Equilibrium in a Pay-as-bid Electricity Market: Part 1 – Existence and Characterisation

We consider a model of a pay-as-bid electricity market based on a multi-leader-common-follower approach where the producers as leaders are at the upper level and the regulator as a common follower is at the lower level. We fully characterise Nash equilibria for this model by describing necessary and sufficient conditions for their existence as well … Read more

Constrained Optimization with Low-Rank Tensors and Applications to Parametric Problems with PDEs

Low-rank tensor methods provide efficient representations and computations for high-dimensional problems and are able to break the curse of dimensionality when dealing with systems involving multiple parameters. We present algorithms for constrained nonlinear optimization problems that use low-rank tensors and apply them to optimal control of PDEs with uncertain parameters and to parametrized variational inequalities. … Read more

The stochastic vehicle routing problem, a literature review, part I: models

Building on the work of Gendreau, Laporte, and Seguin (1996), we review the past 20 years of scientific literature on stochastic vehicle routing problems (SVRP). The numerous variants of the problem that have been studied in the literature are described and categorized. Also a thorough review of solution methods applied to the SVRP is included … Read more

Risk-averse portfolio selection of renewable electricity generator investments in Brazil: An optimised multi-market commercialisation strategy

Investment decisions in renewable energy sources such as small hydro, wind power, biomass and solar are frequently made in the context of enormous uncertainty surrounding both intermittent generation and the highly volatile electricity spot prices that are used for clearing of trades. This paper presents a new portfolio-based approach for selecting long-term investments in small-scale … Read more

Variational Analysis of the Crouzeix Ratio

Let $W(A)$ denote the field of values (numerical range) of a matrix $A$. For any polynomial $p$ and matrix $A$, define the Crouzeix ratio to have numerator $\max\left\{|p(\zeta)|:\zeta\in W(A)\right\}$ and denominator $\|p(A)\|_2$. M.~Crouzeix’s 2004 conjecture postulates that the globally minimal value of the Crouzeix ratio is $1/2$, over all polynomials $p$ of any degree and … Read more

A multiplier method with a class of penalty functions for convex programming

We consider a class of augmented Lagrangian methods for solving convex programming problems with inequality constraints. This class involves a family of penalty functions and specific values of parameters $p,q,\tilde y \in R$ and $c>0$. The penalty family includes the classical modified barrier and the exponential function. The associated proximal method for solving the dual … Read more

Joint dynamic probabilistic constraints with projected linear decision rules

We consider multistage stochastic linear optimization problems combining joint dynamic probabilistic constraints with hard constraints. We develop a method for projecting decision rules onto hard constraints of wait-and-see type. We establish the relation between the original (infinite dimensional) problem and approximating problems working with projections from different subclasses of decision policies. Considering the subclass of … Read more

General Ellipse Packings in an Optimized Circle Using Embedded Lagrange Multipliers

The general ellipse packing problem is to find a non-overlapping arrangement of 𝑛 ellipses with (in principle) arbitrary size and orientation parameters inside a given type of container set. Here we consider the general ellipse packing problem with respect to an optimized circle container with minimal radius. Following the review of selected topical literature, we … Read more

The Vehicle Routing Problem with Occasional Drivers

We consider a setting in which a company not only has a fleet of capacitated vehicles and drivers available to make deliveries, but may also use the services of occasional drivers who are willing to make a single delivery using their own vehicle in return for a small compensation if the delivery location is not … Read more