Branch and Bound based methods to minimize the energy consumed by an electrical vehicle on long travels with slopes

We consider the problem of minimization of the energy consumed by an electrical vehicle performing quite long travels with slopes. The model we address here, takes into account the electrical and mechanical differential equations of the vehicle. This yields a mixed-integer optimal control problem that can be approximated, using a methodology based on some decomposition … Read more

Topology Optimization for Magnetic Circuits dedicated to Electric Propulsion

Abstract—In this paper, we present a method to solve inverse problems of electromagnetic circuit design which are formulated as a topology optimization problem. Indeed, by imposing the magnetic field inside a region, we search a best material distribution into variable domains. In order to perform this, we minimize the quadratic error between the prescribed magnetic … Read more

Efficient upper and lower bounds for global mixed-integer optimal control

We present a control problem for an electrical vehicle. Its motor can be operated in two discrete modes, leading either to acceleration and energy consumption, or to a recharging of the battery. Mathematically, this leads to a mixed-integer optimal control problem (MIOCP) with a discrete feasible set for the controls taking into account the electrical … Read more

A Reliable Affine Relaxation Method for Global Optimization

An automatic method for constructing linear relaxations of constrained global optimization problems is proposed. Such a construction is based on affine and interval arithmetics and uses operator overloading. These linear programs have exactly the same numbers of variables and of inequality constraints as the given problems. Each equality constraint is replaced by two inequalities. This … Read more

Optimal Design of Electrical Machines: Mathematical Programming Formulations

The optimal design of electrical machines can be mathematically modeled as a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem. We present six variants of such a problem, and we show, through extensive computational experiments, that, even though they are mathematically equivalent, the differences in the formulations may have an impact on the numerical performances of a local optimization … Read more

On Minimizing the Energy Consumption of an Electrical Vehicle

The electrical vehicle energy management can be expressed as a Bang-Bang optimal control problem. In this work, we discuss on a new formulation and about the way to approximate this optimal control problem of Bang-Bang type via a discretization technique associated with a Branch-and-Bound algorithm. The problem that we focus on, is the minimization of … Read more

Finding largest small polygons with GloptiPoly

A small polygon is a convex polygon of unit diameter. We are interested in small polygons which have the largest area for a given number of vertices $n$. Many instances are already solved in the literature, namely for all odd $n$, and for $n=4, 6$ and $8$. Thus, for even $n\geq 10$, instances of this … Read more