Stochastic nested primal-dual method for nonconvex constrained composition optimization

\(\) In this paper we study the nonconvex constrained composition optimization, in which the objective contains a composition of two expected-value functions whose accurate information is normally expensive to calculate. We propose a STochastic nEsted Primal-dual (STEP) method for such problems. In each iteration, with an auxiliary variable introduced to track the inner layer function … Read more

A momentum-based linearized augmented Lagrangian method for nonconvex constrained stochastic optimization

Nonconvex constrained stochastic optimization has emerged in many important application areas. Subject to general functional constraints it minimizes the sum of an expectation function and a nonsmooth regularizer. Main challenges arise due to the stochasticity in the random integrand and the possibly nonconvex functional constraints. To address these issues we propose a momentum-based linearized augmented … Read more