A primal-dual interior-point algorithm for nonsymmetric exponential-cone optimization.

A new primal-dual interior-point algorithm applicable to nonsymmetric conic optimization is proposed. It is a generalization of the famous algorithm suggested by Nesterov and Todd for the symmetric conic case, and uses primal-dual scalings for nonsymmetric cones proposed by Tuncel. We specialize Tuncel’s primal-dual scalings for the important case of 3 dimensional exponential-cones, resulting in … Read more

Gradient based method for cone programming with application to large-scale compressed sensing

In this paper, we study a gradient based method for general cone programming (CP) problems. In particular, we first consider four natural primal-dual convex smooth minimization reformulations for them, and then discuss a variant of Nesterov’s smooth (VNS) method recently proposed by Tseng [30] for solving these reformulations. The associated worst-case major arithmetic operations costs … Read more

A p-Cone Sequential Relaxation Procedure for 0-1 Integer Programs

Given a 0-1 integer programming problem, several authors have introduced sequential relaxation techniques — based on linear and/or semidefinite programming — that generate the convex hull of integer points in at most $n$ steps. In this paper, we introduce a sequential relaxation technique, which is based on $p$-order cone programming ($1 \le p \le \infty$). … Read more

Convex Optimization Methods for Dimension Reduction and Coefficient Estimation in Multivariate Linear Regression

In this paper, we study convex optimization methods for computing the trace norm regularized least squares estimate in multivariate linear regression. The so-called factor estimation and selection (FES) method, recently proposed by Yuan et al. [17], conducts parameter estimation and factor selection simultaneously and have been shown to enjoy nice properties in both large and … Read more

Primal-dual first-order methods with ${\cal O}(1/\epsilon)$ iteration-complexity for cone programming

In this paper we consider the general cone programming problem, and propose primal-dual convex (smooth and/or nonsmooth) minimization reformulations for it. We then discuss first-order methods suitable for solving these reformulations, namely, Nesterov’s optimal method \cite{Nest83-1,Nest05-1}, Nesterov’s smooth approximation scheme \cite{Nest05-1}, and Nemirovski’s prox-method \cite{Nem05-1}, and propose a variant of Nesterov’s optimal method which has … Read more