Using Column Generation in Column-and-Constraint Generation for Adjustable Robust Optimization

Adjustable robust optimization (ARO) is a powerful tool to model problems that have uncertain data and that feature a two-stage decision making process. Computationally, they are often addressed using the column-and-constraint generation (CCG) algorithm introduced by Zhao and Zeng in 2012. While it was empirically shown that the algorithm scales well if all second-stage decisions … Read more

An exact price-cut-and-enumerate method for the capacitated multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows

We consider the capacitated multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows (CMTVRPTW), where vehicles are allowed to make multiple trips. The ability to perform multiple trips is necessary for some real-world applications where the vehicle capacity, the trip duration, or the number of drivers or vehicles is limited. However, it substantially increases the solution difficulty … Read more

Bin Packing Problem with Time Dimension: An Application in Cloud Computing

Improving energy efficiency and lowering operational costs are the main challenges faced in systems with multiple servers. One prevalent objective in such systems is to minimize the number of servers required to process a given set of tasks under server capacity constraints. This objective leads to the well-known bin packing problem. In this study, we … Read more