Facets of the knapsack polytope from non-minimal covers

We propose two new classes of valid inequalities (VIs) for the binary knapsack polytope, based on non-minimal covers. We also show that these VIs can be obtained through neither sequential nor simultaneous lifting of well-known cover inequalities. We further provide conditions under which they are facet-defining. The usefulness of these VIs is demonstrated using computational … Read more

Recognition of Facets for Knapsack Polytope is DP-complete

DP  is a complexity class that is the class of all languages that are the intersection of a language in NP and a language in co-NP, as coined by Papadimitriou and Yannakakis. In this paper, we will establish that, recognizing a facet for the knapsack polytope is DP-complete, as conjectured by Hartvigsen and Zemel in … Read more

On the Complexity of Separation From the Knapsack Polytope

We close three open problems in the separation complexity of valid inequalities for the knapsack polytope. Specifically, we establish that the separation problems for extended cover inequalities, (1,k)-configuration inequalities, and weight inequalities are all NP-complete. We also give a number of special cases where the separation problem can be solved in polynomial time. Article Download … Read more

Multi-cover Inequalities for Totally-Ordered Multiple Knapsack Sets

We propose a method to generate cutting-planes from multiple covers of knapsack constraints. The covers may come from different knapsack inequalities if the weights in the inequalities form a totally-ordered set. Thus, we introduce and study the structure of a totally-ordered multiple knapsack set. The valid multi-cover inequalities we derive for its convex hull have … Read more

Polynomial Size IP Formulations of Knapsack May Require Exponentially Large Coefficients

A desirable property of integer formulations is to consist of few inequalities having small coefficients. We show that these targets are conflicting by proving the existence of knapsack sets that need exponentially many inequalities or exponentially large coefficients in any integer formulation. Moreover, we show that there exist undirected graphs such that (in a natural … Read more

Knapsack Polytopes – A Survey

The 0/1 knapsack polytope is the convex hull of all 0/1 vectors that satisfy a given single linear inequality with non-negative coefficients. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of knapsack polytopes. We discuss basic polyhedral properties, (lifted) cover and other valid inequalities, cases for which complete linear descriptions are known, geometric properties for small dimensions, … Read more

Polytopes Associated with Symmetry Handling

This paper investigates a polyhedral approach to handle symmetries in mixed-binary programs. We study symretopes, i.e., the convex hulls of all binary vectors that are lexicographically maximal in their orbit with respect to the symmetry group. These polytopes turn out to be quite complex. For practical use, we therefore develop an integer programming formulation with … Read more


We show that there are 0-1 and unbounded knapsack polytopes with super-polynomial extension complexity. More specifically, for each n in N we exhibit 0-1 and unbounded knapsack polyhedra in dimension n with extension complexity \Omega(2^\sqrt{n}). Article Download View A NOTE ON THE EXTENSION COMPLEXITY OF THE KNAPSACK POLYTOPE