On the Complexity of Separation From the Knapsack Polytope

We close three open problems in the separation complexity of valid inequalities for the knapsack polytope. Specifically, we establish that the separation problems for extended cover inequalities, (1,k)-configuration inequalities, and weight inequalities are all NP-complete. We also give a number of special cases where the separation problem can be solved in polynomial time. Article Download … Read more

On the Complexity of Inverse Mixed Integer Linear Optimization

Inverse optimization is the problem of determining the values of missing input parameters that are closest to given estimates and that will make a given solution optimal. This study is concerned with the relationship of a particular inverse mixed integer linear optimization problem (MILPs) to both the original problem and the separation problem associated with … Read more

Visible points, the separation problem, and applications to MINLP

In this paper we introduce a technique to produce tighter cutting planes for mixed-integer non-linear programs. Usually, a cutting plane is generated to cut off a specific infeasible point. The underlying idea is to use the infeasible point to restrict the feasible region in order to obtain a tighter domain. To ensure validity, we require … Read more

Knapsack Polytopes – A Survey

The 0/1 knapsack polytope is the convex hull of all 0/1 vectors that satisfy a given single linear inequality with non-negative coefficients. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of knapsack polytopes. We discuss basic polyhedral properties, (lifted) cover and other valid inequalities, cases for which complete linear descriptions are known, geometric properties for small dimensions, … Read more

Optimal data fitting: a moment approach

We propose a moment relaxation for two problems, the separation and covering problem with semi-algebraic sets generated by a polynomial of degree d. We show that (a) the optimal value of the relaxation finitely converges to the optimal value of the original problem, when the moment order r increases and (b) there exist probability measures … Read more

On separating cover inequalities for the multidimensional knapsack problem

We propose a simple and sufficiently fast separation procedure to identify cover inequalities for the multidimensional knapsack problem. It is based on the solution of a conventional integer programming model. Solving this kind of integer programs are usually considered expensive and the proposed method may have been overlooked because of this assumption. The results of … Read more