Cutting planes from extended LP formulations

Given a mixed-integer set defined by linear inequalities and integrality requirements on some of the variables, we consider extended formulations of its continuous (LP) relaxation and study the effect of adding cutting planes in the extended space. In terms of optimization, extended LP formulations do not lead to better bounds as their projection onto the … Read more

On the polyhedrality of cross and quadrilateral closures

Split cuts form a well-known class of valid inequalities for mixed-integer programming problems. Cook, Kannan and Schrijver (1990) showed that the split closure of a rational polyhedron $P$ is again a polyhedron. In this paper, we extend this result from a single rational polyhedron to the union of a finite number of rational polyhedra. We … Read more

Strengthened Benders Cuts for Stochastic Integer Programs with Continuous Recourse

With stochastic integer programming as the motivating application, we investigate techniques to use integrality constraints to obtain improved cuts within a Benders decomposition algorithm. We compare the effect of using cuts in two ways: (i) cut-and-project, where integrality constraints are used to derive cuts in the extended variable space, and Benders cuts are then used … Read more

The continuous knapsack set

We study the convex hull of the continuous knapsack set which consists of a single inequality constraint with n non-negative integer and m non-negative bounded continuous variables. When n = 1, this set is a slight generalization of the single arc flow set studied by Magnanti, Mirchandani, and Vachani (1993). We first show that in … Read more

On the Relative Strength of Different Generalizations of Split Cuts

Split cuts are among the most important and well-understood cuts for general mixed-integer programs. In this paper we consider some recent generalizations of split cuts and compare their relative strength. More precisely, we compare the elementary closures of {split}, {cross}, {crooked cross} and general {multi-branch split cuts} as well as cuts obtained from multi-row and … Read more

On t-branch split cuts for mixed-integer programs

In this paper we study the t-branch split cuts introduced by Li and Richard (2008). They presented a family of mixed-integer programs with n integer variables and a single continuous variable and conjectured that the convex hull of integer solutions for any n has unbounded rank with respect to (n-1)-branch split cuts. It was shown … Read more

Lattice-free sets, multi-branch split disjunctions, and mixed-integer programming

In this paper we study the relationship between valid inequalities for mixed-integer sets, lattice-free sets associated with these inequalities and the multi-branch split cuts introduced by Li and Richard (2008). By analyzing $n$-dimensional lattice-free sets, we prove that for every integer $n$ there exists a positive integer $t$ such that every facet-defining inequality of the … Read more

Computational Experiments with Cross and Crooked Cross Cuts

In a recent paper, Dash, Dey and Gunluk (2010) showed that many families of inequalities for the two-row continuous group relaxation and variants of this relaxation are cross cuts or crooked cross cuts, both of which generalize split cuts. Li and Richard (2008) recently studied t-branch split cuts for mixed-integer programs for integers t >= … Read more

A note on the MIR closure and basic relaxations of polyhedra

Anderson, Cornuejols and Li (2005) show that for a polyhedral mixed integer set defined by a constraint system Ax >= b, where x is n-dimensional, along with integrality restrictions on some of the variables, any split cut is in fact a split cut for a “basic relaxation”, i.e., one defined by a subset of linearly … Read more

On mixed-integer sets with two integer variables

We show that every facet-defining inequality of the convex hull of a mixed-integer polyhedral set with two integer variables is a crooked cross cut (which we defined recently in another paper). We then extend this observation to show that crooked cross cuts give the convex hull of mixed-integer sets with more integer variables provided that … Read more