Superlinear and Quadratic Convergence of Riemannian Interior Point Methods

We extend the classical primal-dual interior point algorithms from the Euclidean setting to the Riemannian one. Our method, named the Riemannian interior point (RIP) method, is for solving Riemannian constrained optimization problems. Under the standard assumptions in the Riemannian setting, we establish locally superlinear, quadratic convergence for the Newton version of RIP and locally linear, … Read more

Global convergence of Riemannian line search methods with a Zhang-Hager-type condition

In this paper, we analyze the global convergence of a general non–monotone line search method on Riemannian manifolds. For this end, we introduce some properties for the tangent search directions that guarantee the convergence, to a stationary point, of this family of optimization methods under appropriate assumptions. A modified version of the non–monotone line search … Read more

An implementation of the steepest descent method using retractions on riemannian manifolds

In 2008 Absil et al. published a book with optimization methods in Riemannian manifolds. The authors developed steepest descent, Newton, trust-region and conjugate gradients methods using an approximation of the geodesic called retraction. In this paper we present implementations of the of steepest descent method of Absil et al. using Matlab software. We show the … Read more


We generalize the Nelder-Mead simplex and LTMADS algorithms and, the frame based methods for function minimization to Riemannian manifolds. Examples are given for functions defined on the special orthogonal Lie group $\mathcal{SO}(n)$ and the Grassmann manifold $\mathcal{G}(n,k)$. Our main examples are applying the generalized LTMADS algorithm to equality constrained optimization problems and, to the Whitney … Read more


We present a general procedure for handling equality constraints in optimization problems that is of particular use in direct search methods. First we will provide the necessary background in differential geometry. In particular, we will see what a Riemannian manifold is, what a tangent space is, how to move over a manifold and how to … Read more

Dini Derivative and a Characterization for Lipschitz and Convex Functions on Riemannian Manifolds

Dini derivative on Riemannian manifold setting is studied in this paper. In addition, a characterization for Lipschitz and convex functions defined on Riemannian manifolds and sufficient optimality conditions for constraint optimization problems in terms of the Dini derivative are given. Article Download View Dini Derivative and a Characterization for Lipschitz and Convex Functions on Riemannian … Read more