Asymptotic behavior of the central path for a special class of degenerate SDP problems

This paper studies the asymptotic behavior of the central path $(X(\nu),S(\nu),y(\nu))$ as $\nu \downarrow 0$ for a class of degenerate semidefinite programming (SDP) problems, namely those that do not have strictly complementary primal-dual optimal solutions and whose “degenerate diagonal blocks” $X_{\cT}(\nu)$ and $S_{\cT}(\nu)$ of the central path are assumed to satisfy $\max\{ \|X_{\cT}(\nu)\|, \|S_{\cT}(\nu)\| \} … Read more

Error bounds and limiting behavior of weighted paths associated with the SDP map ^{1/2}SX^{1/2}$

This paper studies the limiting behavior of weighted infeasible central paths for semidefinite programming obtained from centrality equations of the form $X^{1/2}S X^{1/2} = \nu W$, where $W$ is a fixed positive definite matrix and $\nu>0$ is a parameter, under the assumption that the problem has a strictly complementary primal-dual optimal solution. It is shown … Read more

Uniform Boundedness of a Preconditioned Normal Matrix Used in Interior Point Methods

Solving systems of linear equations with “normal” matrices of the form $A D^2 A^T$ is a key ingredient in the computation of search directions for interior-point algorithms. In this article, we establish that a well-known basis preconditioner for such systems of linear equations produces scaled matrices with uniformly bounded condition numbers as $D$ varies over … Read more

First- and Second-Order Methods for Semidefinite Programming

In this paper, we survey the most recent methods that have been developed for the solution of semidefinite programs. We first concentrate on the methods that have been primarily motivated by the interior point (IP) algorithms for linear programming, putting special emphasis in the class of primal-dual path-following algorithms. We also survey methods that have … Read more

A new iteration-complexity bound for the MTY predictor-corrector algorithm

In this paper we present a new iteration-complexity bound for the Mizuno-Todd-Ye predictor-corrector (MTY P-C) primal-dual interior-point algorithm for linear programming. The analysis of the paper is based on the important notion of crossover events introduced by Vavasis and Ye. For a standard form linear program $\min\{c^Tx : Ax=b, \, x \ge 0\}$ with decision … Read more

Solving a Class of Semidefinite Programs via Nonlinear Programming

In this paper, we introduce a transformation that converts a class of linear and nonlinear semidefinite programming (SDP) problems into nonlinear optimization problems. For those problems of interest, the transformation replaces matrix-valued constraints by vector-valued ones, hence reducing the number of constraints by an order of magnitude. The class of transformable problems includes instances of … Read more

A Computational Study of a Gradient-Based Log-Barrier Algorithm for a Class of Large-Scale SDPs

The authors of this paper recently introduced a transformation \cite{BuMoZh99-1} that converts a class of semidefinite programs (SDPs) into nonlinear optimization problems free of matrix-valued constraints and variables. This transformation enables the application of nonlinear optimization techniques to the solution of certain SDPs that are too large for conventional interior-point methods to handle efficiently. Based … Read more