Minimum Cost Path Problem for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

We introduce a practically important and theoretically challenging problem: finding the minimum cost path for PHEVs in a road network with refueling and charging stations. We show that this problem is NP-complete and present a mixed integer quadratically constrained formulation, a discrete approximation dynamic programming heuristic, and a shortest path heuristic as solution methodologies. Practical … Read more

Feasibility-Seeking and Superiorization Algorithms Applied to Inverse Treatment Planning in Radiation Therapy

We apply the recently proposed superiorization methodology (SM) to the inverse planning problem in radiation therapy. The inverse planning problem is represented here as a constrained minimization problem of the total variation (TV) of the intensity vector over a large system of linear two-sided inequalities. The SM can be viewed conceptually as lying between feasibility-seeking … Read more

Global optimization on the torus, the sphere and the rotation group

Detecting all local extrema or the global extremum of a polynomial on the torus, the sphere or the rotation group is a tough yet often requested numerical problem. We present a heuristic approach that applies common descent methods like nonlinear conjugated gradients or Newtons methods simultaneously to a large number of starting points. The corner … Read more

The continuous knapsack set

We study the convex hull of the continuous knapsack set which consists of a single inequality constraint with n non-negative integer and m non-negative bounded continuous variables. When n = 1, this set is a slight generalization of the single arc flow set studied by Magnanti, Mirchandani, and Vachani (1993). We first show that in … Read more

Approximating Convex Functions By Non-Convex Oracles Under The Relative Noise Model

We study succinct approximation of functions that have noisy oracle access. Namely, construction of a succinct representation of a function, given oracle access to an L-approximation of the function, rather than to the function itself. Specifically, we consider the question of the succinct representation of an approximation of a convex function v that cannot be … Read more

Sparsity Optimization in Design of Multidimensional Filter Networks

Filter networks are used as a powerful tool aimed at reducing the image processing time and maintaining high image quality. They are composed of sparse sub-filters whose high sparsity ensures fast image processing. The filter network design is related to solving a sparse optimization problem where a cardinality constraint bounds above the sparsity level. In … Read more

Variational Analysis of Circular Cone Programs

This paper conducts variational analysis of circular programs, which form a new class of optimization problems in nonsymmetric conic programming important for optimization theory and its applications. First we derive explicit formulas in terms of the initial problem data to calculate various generalized derivatives/coderivatives of the projection operator associated with the circular cone. Then we … Read more

Optimization over the Pareto Outcome set associated with a Convex Bi-Objective Optimization Problem: Theoretical Results, Deterministic Algorithm and Application to the Stochastic case

Our paper consists of two main parts. In the first one, we deal with the deterministic problem of minimizing a real valued function $f$ over the Pareto set associated with a deterministic convex bi-objective optimization problem (BOP), in the particular case where $f$ depends on the objectives of (BOP), i.e. we optimize over the Pareto … Read more