Lagrange Multipliers with Optimal Sensitivity Properties

We consider optimization problems with inequality and abstract set constraints, and we derive sensitivity properties of Lagrange multipliers under very weak conditions. In particular, we do not assume uniqueness of a Lagrange multiplier or continuity of the perturbation function. We show that the Lagrange multiplier of minimum norm defines the optimal rate of improvement of … Read more

Sensitivity analysis in linear optimization: Invariant support set intervals

Sensitivity analysis is one of the most nteresting and preoccupying areas in optimization. Many attempts are made to investigate the problem’s behavior when the input data changes. Usually variation occurs in the right hand side of the constraints and/or the objective function coefficients. Degeneracy of optimal solutions causes considerable difficulties in sensitivity analysis. In this … Read more

Sensitivity analysis for linear optimization problem with fuzzy data in the objective function

Linear programming problems with fuzzy coefficients in the objective function are considered. Emphasis is on the dependence of the optimal solution from linear perturbations of the membership functions of the objective function coefficients as well as on the computation of a robust solution of the fuzzy linear problem if the membership functions are not surely … Read more

A sufficient optimality criteria for linearly constrained, separable concave minimization problems

Sufficient optimality criteria for linearly constrained, concave minimization problems is given in this paper. Our optimality criteria is based on the sensitivity analysis of the relaxed linear programming problem. Our main result is similar to that of Phillips and Rosen (1993), however our proofs are simpler and constructive. Phillips and Rosen (1993) in their paper … Read more

Sensitivity analysis of parameterized variational inequalities

We discuss in this paper continuity and differentiability properties of solutions of parameterized variational inequalities (generalized equations). To this end we use an approach of formulating variational inequalities in a form of optimization problems and applying a general theory of perturbation analysis of parameterized optimization problems. Citation School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute … Read more

The mathematics of eigenvalue optimization

Optimization problems involving the eigenvalues of symmetric and nonsymmetric matrices present a fascinating mathematical challenge. Such problems arise often in theory and practice, particularly in engineering design, and are amenable to a rich blend of classical mathematical techniques and contemporary optimization theory. This essay presents a personal choice of some central mathematical ideas, outlined for … Read more

On an Extension of Condition Number Theory to Non-Conic Convex Optimization

The purpose of this paper is to extend, as much as possible, the modern theory of condition numbers for conic convex optimization: z_* := min_x {c’x | Ax-b \in C_Y, x \in C_X }, to the more general non-conic format: (GP_d): z_* := min_x {c’x | Ax-b \in C_Y, x \in P}, where P is … Read more

On a class of nonsmooth composite functions

We discuss in this paper a class of nonsmooth functions which can be represented, in a neighborhood of a considered point, as a composition of a positively homogeneous convex function and a smooth mapping which maps the considered point into the null vector. We argue that this is a sufficiently rich class of functions and … Read more

Unifying optimal partition approach to sensitivity analysis in conic optimization

We study convex conic optimization problems in which the right-hand side and the cost vectors vary linearly as a function of a scalar parameter. We present a unifying geometric framework that subsumes the concept of the optimal partition in linear programming (LP) and semidefinite programming (SDP) and extends it to conic optimization. Similar to the … Read more

An Interior-Point Perspective on Sensitivity Analysis in Semidefinite Programming

We study the asymptotic behavior of the interior-point bounds arising from the work of Yildirim and Todd on sensitivity analysis in semidefinite programming in comparison with the optimal partition bounds. For perturbations of the right-hand side vector and the cost matrix, we show that the interior-point bounds evaluated on the central path using the Monteiro-Zhang … Read more