Capacitated network design using general flow-cutset inequalities

This paper deals with directed, bidirected, and undirected capacitated network design problems. Using mixed integer rounding (MIR), we generalize flow-cutset inequalities to these three link types and to an arbitrary modular link capacity structure, and propose a generic separation algorithm. In an extensive computational study on 54 instances from the Survivable Network Design Library (SNDlib), … Read more

Orbital Branching

We introduce orbital branching, an effective branching method for integer programs containing a great deal of symmetry. The method is based on computing groups of variables that are equivalent with respect to the symmetry remaining in the problem after branching, including symmetry which is not present at the root node. These groups of equivalent variables, … Read more

Decentralized Decision-making and Protocol Design for Recycled Material Flows

Reverse logistics networks often consist of several tiers with independent members competing at each tier. This paper develops a methodology to examine the individual entity behavior in reverse production systems where every entity acts to maximize its own benefits. We consider two tiers in the network, collectors and processors. The collectors determine individual flow functions … Read more

On Second-Order Optimality Conditions for Nonlinear Programming

Necessary Optimality Conditions for Nonlinear Programming are discussed in the present research. A new Second-Order condition is given, which depends on a weak constant rank constraint requirement. We show that practical and publicly available algorithms ( of Augmented Lagrangian type converge, after slight modifications, to stationary points defined by the new condition. Article Download View … Read more

Cardinality Cuts: New Cutting Planes for 0-1 Programming

We present new valid inequalities that work in similar ways to well known cover inequalities.The differences exist in three aspects. First difference is in the generation of the inequalities. The method used in generation of the new cuts is more practical in contrast to classical cover inequalities. Second difference is the more general applicability, i.e., … Read more

An Inexact SQP Method for Equality Constrained Optimization

We present an algorithm for large-scale equality constrained optimization. The method is based on a characterization of inexact sequential quadratic programming (SQP) steps that can ensure global convergence. Inexact SQP methods are needed for large-scale applications for which the iteration matrix cannot be explicitly formed or factored and the arising linear systems must be solved … Read more

Linear convergence of a modified Frank-Wolfe algorithm for computing minimum volume ellipsoids

We show the linear convergence of a simple first-order algorithm for the minimum-volume enclosing ellipsoid problem and its dual, the D-optimal design problem of statistics. Computational tests confirm the attractive features of this method. Citation Optimization Methods and Software 23 (2008), 5–19. Article Download View Linear convergence of a modified Frank-Wolfe algorithm for computing minimum … Read more

A Data-Driven Approach to Newsvendor Problems

We propose an approach to the classical newsvendor problem and its extensions subject to uncertain demand that: (a) works directly with data, i.e., combines historical data and optimization in a single framework, (b) yields robust solutions and incorporates risk preferences using one scalar parameter, rather than utility functions, (c) allows for tractable formulations, specifically, linear … Read more

Dini Derivative and a Characterization for Lipschitz and Convex Functions on Riemannian Manifolds

Dini derivative on Riemannian manifold setting is studied in this paper. In addition, a characterization for Lipschitz and convex functions defined on Riemannian manifolds and sufficient optimality conditions for constraint optimization problems in terms of the Dini derivative are given. Article Download View Dini Derivative and a Characterization for Lipschitz and Convex Functions on Riemannian … Read more

The Mixing-MIR Set with Divisible Capacities

We study the set $S = \{(x, y) \in \Re_{+} \times Z^{n}: x + B_{j} y_{j} \geq b_{j}, j = 1, \ldots, n\}$, where $B_{j}, b_{j} \in \Re_{+} – \{0\}$, $j = 1, \ldots, n$, and $B_{1} | \cdots | B_{n}$. The set $S$ generalizes the mixed-integer rounding (MIR) set of Nemhauser and Wolsey and … Read more