Using Symmetry to Optimize Over the Sherali-Adams Relaxation

In this paper we examine the impact of using the Sherali-Adams procedure on highly symmetric integer programming problems. Linear relaxations of the extended formulations generated by Sherali-Adams can be very large, containing on the order of n choose d many variables for the level-d closure. When large amounts of symmetry are present in the problem … Read more

Stationarity and regularity of infinite collections of sets. Applications to infinitely constrained optimization

This article continues the investigation of stationarity and regularity properties of infinite collections of sets in a Banach space started in Kruger & L�pez (2012) and is mainly focused on the application of the criteria from Kruger & L�pez (2012) to infinitely constrained optimization problems. We consider several settings of optimization problems which involve (explicitly … Read more

Stationarity and regularity of infinite collections of sets

This article investigates extremality, stationarity, and regularity properties of infinite collections of sets in Banach spaces. Our approach strongly relies on the machinery developed for finite collections. When dealing with an infinite collection of sets, we examine the behaviour of its finite subcollections. This allows us to establish certain primal-dual relationships between the stationarity/regularity properties … Read more

Error bounds for vector-valued functions on metric spaces

In this paper, we attempt to extend the definition and existing local error bound criteria to vector-valued functions, or more generally, to functions taking values in a normed linear space. Some new primal space derivative-like objects — slopes — are introduced and a classification scheme of error bound criteria is presented. Citation Published in Vietnam … Read more

Proximal Methods with Bregman Distances to Solve VIP on Hadamard manifolds

We present an extension of the proximal point method with Bregman distances to solve Variational Inequality Problems (VIP) on Hadamard manifolds (simply connected finite dimensional Riemannian manifold with nonpositive sectional curvature). Under some natural assumption, as for example, the existence of solutions of the (VIP) and the monotonicity of the multivalued vector field, we prove … Read more

A primal-dual splitting method for convex optimization involving Lipschitzian, proximable and linear composite terms

We propose a new first-order splitting algorithm for solving jointly the primal and dual formulations of large-scale convex minimization problems involving the sum of a smooth function with Lipschitzian gradient, a nonsmooth proximable function, and linear composite functions. This is a full splitting approach in the sense that the gradient and the linear operators involved … Read more

A lifting method for generalized semi-infinite programs based on lower level Wolfe duality

This paper introduces novel numerical solution strategies for generalized semi-infinite optimization problems (GSIP), a class of mathematical optimization problems which occur naturally in the context of design centering problems, robust optimization problems, and many fields of engineering science. GSIPs can be regarded as bilevel optimization problems, where a parametric lower-level maximization problem has to be … Read more

Modifications of the limited-memory BNS method for better satisfaction of previous quasi-Newton conditions

Several modifications of the limited-memory variable metric BNS method for large scale unconstrained optimization are proposed, which consist in corrections (derived from the idea of conjugate directions) of the used di®erence vectors to improve satisfaction of previous quasi-Newton conditions, utilizing information from previous or subsequent iterations. In case of quadratic objective functions, conjugacy of all … Read more

Closed means continuous iff polyhedral: a converse of the GKR theorem

Given x, a point of a convex subset C of an Euclidean space, the two following statements are proven to be equivalent: (i) any convex function f : C → R is upper semi-continuous at x, and (ii) C is polyhedral at x. In the particular setting of closed convex mappings and Fσ domains, we … Read more

Zero duality gap for convex programs: a general result

This article addresses a general criterion providing a zero duality gap for convex programs in the setting of the real locally convex spaces. The main theorem of our work is formulated only in terms of the constraints of the program, hence it holds true for any objective function fulfilling a very general qualification condition, implied … Read more