Simple odd beta-cycle inequalities for binary polynomial optimization

We consider the multilinear polytope which arises naturally in binary polynomial optimization. Del Pia and Di Gregorio introduced the class of odd beta-cycle inequalities valid for this polytope, showed that these generally have Chvátal rank 2 with respect to the standard relaxation and that, together with flower inequalities, they yield a perfect formulation for cycle … Read more

The Graphical Traveling Salesperson Problem has no Integer Programming Formulation in the Original Space

The Graphical Traveling Salesperson Problem (GTSP) is the problem of assigning, for a given weighted graph, a nonnegative number x_e to each edge e such that the induced multi-subgraph is of minimum weight among those that are spanning, connected and Eulerian. Naturally, known mixed-integer programming formulations use integer variables x_e in addition to others. Denis … Read more

A Polyhedral Study for the Cubic Formulation of the Unconstrained Traveling Tournament Problem

We consider the unconstrained traveling tournament problem, a sports timetabling problem that minimizes traveling of teams. Since its introduction about 20 years ago, most research was devoted to modeling and reformulation approaches. In this paper we carry out a polyhedral study for the cubic integer programming formulation by establishing the dimension of the integer hull … Read more

Face Dimensions of General-Purpose Cutting Planes for Mixed-Integer Linear Programs

Cutting planes are a key ingredient to successfully solve mixed-integer linear programs. For specific problems, their strength is often theoretically assessed by showing that they are facet-defining for the corresponding mixed-integer hull. In this paper we experimentally investigate the dimensions of faces induced by general-purpose cutting planes generated by a state-of-the-art solver. Therefore, we relate … Read more

Integrality of Linearizations of Polynomials over Binary Variables using Additional Monomials

Polynomial optimization problems over binary variables can be expressed as integer programs using a linearization with extra monomials in addition to those arising in the given polynomial. We characterize when such a linearization yields an integral relaxation polytope, generalizing work by Del Pia and Khajavirad (SIAM Journal on Optimization, 2018) and Buchheim, Crama and Rodríguez-Heck … Read more

Persistency of Linear Programming Formulations for the Stable Set Problem

The Nemhauser-Trotter theorem states that the standard linear programming (LP) formulation for the stable set problem has a remarkable property, also known as (weak) persistency: for every optimal LP solution that assigns integer values to some variables, there exists an optimal integer solution in which these variables retain the same values. While the standard LP … Read more

The SCIP Optimization Suite 6.0

The SCIP Optimization Suite provides a collection of software packages for mathematical optimization centered around the constraint integer programming framework SCIP. This paper discusses enhancements and extensions contained in version 6.0 of the SCIP Optimization Suite. Besides performance improvements of the MIP and MINLP core achieved by new primal heuristics and a new selection criterion … Read more

Parity Polytopes and Binarization

We consider generalizations of parity polytopes whose variables, in addition to a parity constraint, satisfy certain ordering constraints. More precisely, the variable domain is partitioned into k contiguous groups, and within each group, we require the variables to be sorted nonincreasingly. Such constraints are used to break symmetry after replacing an integer variable by a … Read more

Complete Description of Matching Polytopes with One Linearized Quadratic Term for Bipartite Graphs

We consider, for complete bipartite graphs, the convex hulls of characteristic vectors of matchings, extended by a binary number indicating whether the matching contains two specific edges. This polytope is associated to the quadratic matching problem with a single linearized quadratic term. We provide a complete irredundant inequality description, which settles a conjecture by Klein … Read more