An Efficient Exact Algorithm for the Vertex hBcCenter Problem and Computational Experiments for Different Set Covering Subproblems

We develop a simple and yet very efficient exact algorithm for the problem of locating $p$ facilities and assigning clients to them in order to minimize the maximum distance between a client and the facility to which it is assigned. The algorithm iteratively sets a maximum distance value within which it tries to assign all … Read more

On Robust 0-1 Optimization with Uncertain Cost Coefficients

Based on the recent approach of Bertsimas and Sim \cite{bs1, bs2} to robust optimization in the presence of data uncertainty, we prove a bound on the probability that the robust solution gives an objective function value worse than the robust objective function value, under the assumption that only cost coefficients are subject to uncertainty. A … Read more

A DC piecewise affine model and a bundling technique in nonconvex nonsmooth minimization

We introduce an algorithm to minimize a function of several variables with no convexity nor smoothness assumptions. The main peculiarity of our approach is the use of an the objective function model which is the difference of two piecewise affine convex functions. Bundling and trust region concepts are embedded into the algorithm. Convergence of the … Read more

The stable set problem and the lift-and-project ranks of graphs

We study the lift-and-project procedures for solving combinatorial optimization problems, as described by Lov\’asz and Schrijver, in the context of the stable set problem on graphs. We investigate how the procedures’ performances change as we apply fundamental graph operations. We show that the odd subdivision of an edge and the subdivision of a star operations … Read more

Semidefinite programming and integer programming

We survey how semidefinite programming can be used for finding good approximative solutions to hard combinatorial optimization problems. Citation Preliminary version appeared as Report PNA-R0210, CWI, Amsterdam, April 2002. To appear as Chapter in the Handbook on Discrete Optimization, K. Aardal, G. Nemhauser, R. Weismantel, eds., Elsevier Publishers. Article Download View Semidefinite programming and integer … Read more

A Simple Clique Camouflaging Against Greedy Maximum Clique Heuristics

Taking a small graph, on which the randomized New-Best-In maximum clique heuristic fails to find the maximum clique, we construct on its basis a class of graphs exemplifying the inefficiency of SM greedy heuristics considered by Brockington and Culberson. We show that a 7(k+1)-vertex graph from this class is enough to provide a counterexample for … Read more

A globally convergent linearly constrained Lagrangian method for nonlinear optimization

For optimization problems with nonlinear constraints, linearly constrained Lagrangian (LCL) methods solve a sequence of subproblems of the form “minimize an augmented Lagrangian function subject to linearized constraints”. Such methods converge rapidly near a solution but may not be reliable from arbitrary starting points. The well known software package MINOS has proven effective on many … Read more

A Global Convergence Theory of a Filter Line Search Method for Nonlinear Programming

A framework for proving global convergence for a class of line search filter type methods for nonlinear programming is presented. The underlying method is based on the dominance concept of multiobjective optimization where trial points are accepted provided there is a sufficient decrease in the objective function or constraints violation function. The proposed methods solve … Read more

Iterative algorithms with seminorm-induced oblique projections

A definition of oblique projections onto closed convex sets that use seminorms induced by diagonal matrices which may have zeros on the diagonal is introduced. Existence and uniqueness of such projections are secured via directional affinity of the sets with respect to the diagonal matrices involved. A block-iterative algorithmic scheme for solving the convex feasibility … Read more

Robust Option Modelling

This paper considers robust optimization to cope with uncertainty about the stock return process in one period portfolio selection problems involving options. The ro- bust approach relates portfolio choice to uncertainty, making more cautious portfolios when uncertainty is high. We represent uncertainty by a set of plausible expected returns of the underlyings and show that … Read more