Recognizing Integrality of Weighted Rectangles Partitions

The weighted rectangles partitioning (WRP) problem is defined on a set of active and inactive pixels. The problem is to find a partition of the active pixels into weighted rectangles, such that the sum of their weights is maximal. The problem is formulated as an integer programming problem and instances with an integral relaxation polyhedron … Read more

Survey Descent: A Multipoint Generalization of Gradient Descent for Nonsmooth Optimization

For strongly convex objectives that are smooth, the classical theory of gradient descent ensures linear convergence relative to the number of gradient evaluations. An analogous nonsmooth theory is challenging. Even when the objective is smooth at every iterate, the corresponding local models are unstable and the number of cutting planes invoked by traditional remedies is … Read more

Analysis non-sparse recovery for non-convex relaxed $\ell_q$ minimization

This paper studies construction of signals, which are sparse or nearly sparse with respect to a tight frame $D$ from underdetermined linear systems. In the paper, we propose a non-convex relaxed $\ell_q(0 Article Download View Analysis non-sparse recovery for non-convex relaxed $ell_q$ minimization

Reaching Paris Agreement Goal through CDR/DAC Development: a Compact OR Model

A compact operations research (OR) model is proposed to analyse the prospects of meeting the Paris Agreement targets when direct air capture technologies can be used or not. The main features of the model are (i) the representation of the economy and energy use with a nested constant elasticity of substitution production function; (ii) the … Read more

Incremental Network Design with Multi-commodity Flows

We introduce a novel incremental network design problem motivated by the expansion of hub capacities in package express service networks: the \textit{incremental network design problem with multi-commodity flows}. We are given an initial and a target service network design, defined by a set of nodes, arcs, and origin-destination demands (commodities), and we seek to find … Read more

Adjustable robust optimization with discrete uncertainty

In this paper, we study Adjustable Robust Optimization (ARO) problems with discrete uncertainty. Under a very general modeling framework, we show that such two-stage robust problems can be exactly reformulated as ARO problems with objective uncertainty only. This reformulation is valid with and without the fixed recourse assumption and is not limited to continuous wait-and-see … Read more

Hierarchically constrained blackbox optimization

In blackbox optimization, evaluation of the objective and constraint functions is time consuming. In some situations, constraint values may be evaluated independently or sequentially. The present work proposes and compares two strategies to define a hierarchical ordering of the constraints and to interrupt the evaluation process at a trial point when it is detected that … Read more

On approximate solutions for robust semi-infinite multi-objective convex symmetric cone optimization

We present approximate solutions for the robust semi-infinite multi-objective convex symmetric cone programming problem. By using the robust optimization approach, we establish an approximate optimality theorem and approximate duality theorems for approximate solutions in convex symmetric cone optimization problem involving infinitely many constraints to be satisfied and multiple objectives to be optimized simultaneously under the … Read more

Freight-on-Transit for urban last-mile deliveries: A Strategic Planning Approach

We study a delivery strategy for last-mile deliveries in urban areas which combines freight transportation with mass mobility systems with the goal of creating synergies contrasting negative externalities caused by transportation. The idea is to use the residual capacity on public transport means for moving freights within the city. In particular, the system is such … Read more

Nonlinear conjugate gradient for smooth convex functions

The method of nonlinear conjugate gradients (NCG) is widely used in practice for unconstrained optimization, but it satisfies weak complexity bounds at best when applied to smooth convex functions. In contrast, Nesterov’s accelerated gradient (AG) method is optimal up to constant factors for this class. However, when specialized to quadratic function, conjugate gradient is optimal … Read more