The Trust Region Subproblem with Non-Intersecting Linear Constraints

This paper studies an extended trust region subproblem (eTRS)in which the trust region intersects the unit ball with m linear inequality constraints. When m=0, m=1, or m=2 and the linear constraints are parallel, it is known that the eTRS optimal value equals the optimal value of a particular convex relaxation, which is solvable in polynomial … Read more

Finding largest small polygons with GloptiPoly

A small polygon is a convex polygon of unit diameter. We are interested in small polygons which have the largest area for a given number of vertices $n$. Many instances are already solved in the literature, namely for all odd $n$, and for $n=4, 6$ and $8$. Thus, for even $n\geq 10$, instances of this … Read more

Second-Order-Cone Constraints for Extended Trust-Region Subproblems

The classical trust-region subproblem (TRS) minimizes a nonconvex quadratic objective over the unit ball. In this paper, we consider extensions of TRS having extra constraints. When two parallel cuts are added to TRS, we show that the resulting nonconvex problem has an exact representation as a semidefinite program with additional linear and second-order-cone constraints. For … Read more

Globally Solving Nonconvex Quadratic Programming Problems via Completely Positive Programming

Nonconvex quadratic programming (QP) is an NP-hard problem that optimizes a general quadratic function over linear constraints. This paper introduces a new global optimization algorithm for this problem, which combines two ideas from the literature—finite branching based on the first-order KKT conditions and polyhedral-semidefinite relaxations of completely positive (or copositive) programs. Through a series of … Read more

Methods for Convex and General Quadratic Programming

Computational methods are considered for finding a point that satisfies the second-order necessary conditions for a general (possibly nonconvex) quadratic program (QP). The first part of the paper considers the formulation and analysis of an active-set method for a generic QP with both equality and inequality constraints. The method uses a search direction that is … Read more

Computable representations for convex hulls of low-dimensional quadratic forms

Let C be the convex hull of points {(1;x)(1,x’)| x \in F\subset R^n}. Representing or approximating C is a fundamental problem for global optimization algorithms based on convex relaxations of products of variables. If n

Semidefinite-Based Branch-and-Bound for Nonconvex Quadratic Programming

This paper presents a branch-and-bound algorithm for nonconvex quadratic programming, which is based on solving semidefinite relaxations at each node of the enumeration tree. The method is motivated by a recent branch-and-cut approach for the box-constrained case that employs linear relaxations of the first-order KKT conditions. We discuss certain limitations of linear relaxations when handling … Read more

A Simplicial Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for Solving Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programs

We propose a branch-and-bound algorithm for solving nonconvex quadratically-constrained quadratic programs. The algorithm is novel in that branching is done by partitioning the feasible region into the Cartesian product of two-dimensional triangles and rectangles. Explicit formulae for the convex and concave envelopes of bilinear functions over triangles and rectangles are derived and shown to be … Read more