Seamless Multimodal Transportation Scheduling

Ride-hailing services have expanded the role of shared mobility in passenger transportation systems, creating new markets and creative planning solutions for major urban centers. In this paper, we consider their use for last-mile passenger transportation in coordination with a mass transit service to provide a seamless multimodal transportation experience for the user. A system that … Read more

All Cyclic Group Facets Inject

We give a variant of Basu–Hildebrand–Molinaro’s approximation theorem for continuous minimal valid functions for Gomory–Johnson’s infinite group problem by piecewise linear two-slope extreme functions [Minimal cut-generating functions are nearly extreme, IPCO 2016]. Our theorem is for piecewise linear minimal valid functions that have only rational breakpoints (in 1/q Z for some q ∈ N) and … Read more

Mixed-Integer Programming Techniques for the Connected Max-k-Cut Problem

We consider an extended version of the classical Max-k-Cut problem in which we additionally require that the parts of the graph partition are connected. For this problem we study two alternative mixed-integer linear formulations and review existing as well as develop new branch-and-cut techniques like cuts, branching rules, propagation, primal heuristics, and symmetry breaking. The … Read more

Efficient heuristic algorithm for identifying critical nodes in planar networks

This paper presents a new method for identifying critical nodes in planar networks. We propose an efficient method to evaluate the quality of solutions by using special properties of planar networks. It enables us to develop a computationally efficient heuristic algorithm for the problem. The proposed algorithm assisted on randomly generated planar networks. The experimental … Read more

Scanning integer points with lex-inequalities: A finite cutting plane algorithm for integer programming with linear objective

We consider the integer points in a unimodular cone K ordered by a lexicographic rule defined by a lattice basis. To each integer point x in K we associate a family of inequalities (lex-inequalities) that defines the convex hull of the integer points in K that are not lexicographically smaller than x. The family of … Read more

Weighted LCPs and interior point systems for copositive linear transformations on Euclidean Jordan algebras

In the setting of a Euclidean Jordan algebra V with symmetric cone V_+, corresponding to a linear transformation M, a `weight vector’ w in V_+, and a q in V, we consider the weighted linear complementarity problem wLCP(M,w,q) and (when w is in the interior of V_+) the interior point system IPS(M,w,q). When M is … Read more

Branching with Hyperplanes in the Criterion Space: the Frontier Partitioner Algorithm for Biobjective Integer Programming

We present an algorithm for finding the complete Pareto frontier of biobjective integer programming problems. The method is based on the solution of a finite number of integer programs. The feasible sets of the integer programs are built from the original feasible set, by adding cuts that separate efficient solutions. Providing the existence of an … Read more

Robust Multidimensional Pricing: Separation without Regret

We study a robust monopoly pricing problem with a minimax regret objective, where a seller endeavors to sell multiple goods to a single buyer, only knowing that the buyer’s values for the goods range over a rectangular uncertainty set. We interpret this pricing problem as a zero-sum game between the seller, who chooses a selling … Read more

A Critical Survey on the Network Optimization Algorithms for Evacuation Planning Problems

In the last decades, research on emergency traffic management has received high attention from the operations research community and many pioneer researchers have established it as one of the most fertile research areas. We consider the computationally hard flows over time problems from wider perspective including flow/time dependent attributes (dynamic flows), a possibility of flows … Read more

Significant Generalization of the Convergence Proof for the Direct Transcription Method for Constrained Optimal Control Problems

In the arXiv paper [arXiv:1712.07761] from December 2017 we presented a convergent direct transcription method for optimal control problems. In the present paper we present a significantly generalized convergence theory in succinct form. Therein, we replace strong assumptions that we had formerly made on local uniqueness of the solution, and on differentiability of a particular … Read more