A Dynamic Traveling Salesman Problem with Stochastic Arc Costs

We propose a dynamic traveling salesman problem (TSP) with stochastic arc costs motivated by applications, such as dynamic vehicle routing, in which a decision’s cost is known only probabilistically beforehand but is revealed dynamically before the decision is executed. We formulate the problem as a dynamic program (DP) and compare it to static counterparts to … Read more

Epi-convergent Smoothing with Applications to Convex Composite Functions

Smoothing methods have become part of the standard tool set for the study and solution of nondifferentiable and constrained optimization problems as well as a range of other variational and equilibrium problems. In this note we synthesize and extend recent results due to Beck and Teboulle on infimal convolution smoothing for convex functions with those … Read more

Primal-dual subgradient method for Huge-Scale Linear Conic Problems

In this paper we develop a {\em primal-dual} subgradient method for solving huge-scale Linear Conic Optimization Problems. Our main assumption is that the primal cone is formed as a direct product of many small-dimensional convex cones, and that the matrix $A$ of corresponding linear operator is {\em uniformly sparse}. In this case, our method can … Read more

Note: Optimal non-homogeneous composites for dynamic loading revisited

The continuous adjoint sensitivity analysis for a class of optimal design problem, formerly studied in (Turteltaub, 2005), is revisited in this note. Full details of derivation is presented. It is shown that the adjoint PDE derived in this study is not identical to one derived in (Turteltaub, 2005). Article Download View Note: Optimal non-homogeneous composites … Read more

Convergence Analysis of an Inexact Feasible Interior Point Method for Convex Quadratic Programming

In this paper we will discuss two variants of an inexact feasible interior point algorithm for convex quadratic programming. We will consider two different neighbourhoods: a (small) one induced by the use of the Euclidean norm which yields a short-step algorithm and a symmetric one induced by the use of the infinity norm which yields … Read more

Hankel Matrix Rank Minimization with Applications to System Identification and Realization

We introduce a flexible optimization framework for nuclear norm minimization of matrices with linear structure, including Hankel, Toeplitz and moment structures, and catalog applications from diverse fields under this framework. We discuss various first-order methods for solving the resulting optimization problem, including alternating direction methods of multipliers, proximal point algorithms and gradient projection methods. We … Read more

Mean squared error minimization for inverse moment problems

We consider the problem of approximating the unknown density $u\in L^2(\Omega,\lambda)$ of a measure $\mu$ on $\Omega\subset\R^n$, absolutely continuous with respect to some given reference measure $\lambda$, from the only knowledge of finitely many moments of $\mu$. Given $d\in\N$ and moments of order $d$, we provide a polynomial $p_d$ which minimizes the mean square error … Read more

Solving Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow Problems by a Structure Exploiting Interior Point Method

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate a new approach to solve the linearized (n-1) security constrained optimal power flow (SCOPF) problem by a structure exploiting interior point solver. Firstly, we present a reformulation of the linearized SCOPF model, in which most matrices that need to be factorized are constant. Hence, most factorizations and … Read more

Matrix-free Interior Point Method for Compressed Sensing Problems

We consider a class of optimization problems for sparse signal reconstruction which arise in the field of Compressed Sensing (CS). A plethora of approaches and solvers exist for such problems, for example GPSR, FPC AS, SPGL1, NestA, l1 ls, PDCO to mention a few. CS applications lead to very well conditioned optimization problems and therefore … Read more