Two-Stage Sort Planning for Express Parcel Delivery

Recent years have brought significant changes in the operations of parcel transportation services, most notably due to the growing demand for e-commerce worldwide. Parcel sortation systems are used within sorting facilities in these transportation networks to enable the execution of effective consolidation plans with low per-unit handling and shipping costs. Designing and implementing effective parcel … Read more

Personnel scheduling during Covid-19 pandemic

This paper addresses a real-life personnel scheduling problem in the context of Covid-19 pandemic, arising in a large Italian pharmaceutical distribution warehouse. In this case study, the challenge is to determine a schedule that attempts to meet the contractual working time of the employees, considering the fact that they must be divided into mutually exclusive … Read more

Linearization and Parallelization Schemes for Convex Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization

We develop and test linearization and parallelization schemes for convex mixed-integer nonlinear programming. Several linearization approaches are proposed for LP/NLP based branch-and-bound. Some of these approaches strengthen the linear approximation to nonlinear constraints at the root node and some at the other branch-and-bound nodes. Two of the techniques are specifically applicable to commonly found univariate … Read more

The Equivalence of Fourier-based and Wasserstein Metrics on Imaging Problems

We investigate properties of some extensions of a class of Fourier-based probability metrics, originally introduced to study convergence to equilibrium for the solution to the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation. At difference with the original one, the new Fourier-based metrics are well-defined also for probability distributions with different centers of mass, and for discrete probability measures … Read more

Solving nonlinear systems of equations via spectral residual methods: stepsize selection and applications

Spectral residual methods are derivative-free and low-cost per iteration procedures for solving nonlinear systems of equations. They are generally coupled with a nonmonotone linesearch strategy and compare well with Newton-based methods for large nonlinear systems and sequences of nonlinear systems. The residual vector is used as the search direction and choosing the steplength has a … Read more

A Bin Packing Problem with Mixing Constraints for Containerizing Items for Logistics Service Providers

Large logistics service providers often need to containerize and route thousands or millions of items per year. In practice, companies specify business rules of how to pack and transport items from their origin to destination. Handling and respecting those business rules manually is a complex and time-consuming task. We propose a variant of the variable … Read more

Reliable Frequency Regulation through Vehicle-to-Grid: From EU Legislation to Robust Optimization

Vehicle-to-grid increases the low utilization rate of privately owned electric vehicles by making their batteries available to the electricity grid. We formulate a robust optimization problem with functional uncertainties that maximizes the expected profit from selling primary frequency regulation to the grid and guarantees that vehicle owners can meet their market commitments for all frequency … Read more

High-order Evaluation Complexity of a Stochastic Adaptive Regularization Algorithm for Nonconvex Optimization Using Inexact Function Evaluations and Randomly Perturbed Derivatives

A stochastic adaptive regularization algorithm allowing random noise in derivatives and inexact function values is proposed for computing strong approximate minimizers of any order for inexpensively constrained smooth optimization problems. For an objective function with Lipschitz continuous p-th derivative in a convex neighbourhood of the feasible set and given an arbitrary optimality order q, it … Read more

On the use of Jordan Algebras for improving global convergence of an Augmented Lagrangian method in nonlinear semidefinite programming

Jordan Algebras are an important tool for dealing with semidefinite programming and optimization over symmetric cones in general. In this paper, a judicious use of Jordan Algebras in the context of sequential optimality conditions is done in order to generalize the global convergence theory of an Augmented Lagrangian method for nonlinear semidefinite programming. An approximate … Read more

A derivative-free method for structured optimization problems

Structured optimization problems are ubiquitous in fields like data science and engineering. The goal in structured optimization is using a prescribed set of points, called atoms, to build up a solution that minimizes or maximizes a given function. In the present paper, we want to minimize a black-box function over the convex hull of a … Read more